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CH Gamestyle

Postby Blunt » Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:17 pm

I've been thinking for a while to try making some small scale C&H style maps, but to add player AI like in CTI. The crBF versions for ofp were closer to my idea but on a bigger scale.

Really I'm thinking of some Berzerk style missions (close objectives and base zones), but with AI under command for a little more tactical play and easier to use vehicles, plus using Repair Trucks to build static defenses for impromptu hard-points. I really like set piece battles with lots of units attacking/defending a relatively small area. Sometimes this comes out in CTI games but they are usually short lasting.

Seems like it would be easiest to create this by trimming down a Warfare or crCTI mission, but I'm curious if CTI players would play it. Would be more limiting than the freedom of CTI but should have more strategy and tactics than pure PvP C&H (the run and gun public games I've seen anyway :P ).

Also seems like it could be pretty easy to make a lot of different modes:
- Infantry only
- Light Vehicles w/ Inf
- Armor only
- Naval Island version
etc etc

What do you guys think? Worth putting time into?
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Re: CH Gamestyle

Postby Benny » Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:56 pm

Sound like a funny idea, try to set a Battlefield 2 like gameplay with AI, shouldn't be hard whenever you got the core up.
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