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Warfare BE for arma2

Postby strife88 » Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:03 am

Hi i have a little request to the developers of this map. The map is fine and cool. But it has one magor bug that kills all the fun when i play it in allmost all servers in the lobby. In the latest warfare 2.064 its still there. My request is that u can make money from nothing. Ill explain. When u get in the game u have no funds. But if u want 40k of money for a jet u can get them buy10-15 min of doing nothing. U can buy AI, sell there equipment, and do such tings like 10-30 times. If u have like 10 ai in command. U sell all there stuff and get +300$ income from each x10 = 3k$ in a matter of seconds. Then u can dissmis them and hire new ones. And do this kind of operation loads of times. Lost an a10, make money and buy a new one.

My request is in the following, what about to do like the cost of AI is = cost of the ai + the equipment the ai is holding including maps, clocks, gps, and etc.

It would be very good if u've done this in the latest version that is going to be developed. I wouled be very pleased))).

Cause for me the game lost all its intrest. Cause the main reason i sized towns is that i couldev goten money for a plane.
In arma 1 i liked to supply towns. Here u can get money from killing. But now i reallized that selling ai stuff is faster and easear.

I just had lost of situations, where at start u have all upgrades, but all players got like 3-5$. And after 10 min the US had ah-64. I alwayes questioned where did he get that money... I thoght that some players gave him and they boght that chopper. But it was not quite so. As i reached the remains of the US base. I found plenty of pilles of AI without amunitions. I disliked it. Cause when at start u buy a t72 for a basehunting mission, some lazy player, or one that wantet to fly now, sells the ai equipments, and by the time im near the base i get the hellfire missile on my tank. Thats pretty sad. Cause M1A1 is like no questions where did they get those. But when it comes to ah64 at start of the game.
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Re: Warfare BE for arma2

Postby Raquel » Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:54 pm

google translator ? [bonk]

im sorry i just dont get it [aroll]
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Re: Warfare BE for arma2

Postby Scorpionzi » Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:12 pm

As far as i know.. Benny fixed the issue where you could "earn money by selling gear of your AI" long time ago... Don't know if it was for all AI types though.. but AA and AT soldier prices have been revisited for sure..

Which version of the mission have you been playing?
Which AI type you used to earn money from selling gear?
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