[OFP] @DVD v1

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[OFP] @DVD v1

Postby DVD » Tue Jun 27, 2006 6:55 pm

I made this little mod for a better balance between east and west units.
This mod based on crCTI 0.93 ctitc missions.

Needed addons and missions:
CTITC Addons 8mb
@dvd v1 pack 2mb (11 Missions + needed config)

Whats new/differend?
- add a T80U with same values like M1A1 (4000$)
- add a M1 with same values like T80 (2500$)
- add AH1, AH64,Mi17, Mi24, KA50 (V80) and Su25 without FFAR,
- add further a version of AH64 and KA50 with 2 Stinger/AA-8 (AH64 AA and KA50 AA)
- replaced the Su25 AT/FFAR/30mm with a Su25 LGB with 8 LGB
- upgraded Su 25 AT, Ch29T launcher, got 8 rockets now, not 6. Same like A10.
- upgraded the AT6 for Mi24 and KA50, AT6 is same strong as Hellfire
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