TOTAL WAR yugoslavia

by Maxim and Ignacio

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TOTAL WAR yugoslavia

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TOTAL WAR yugoslavia


After the 1980 death of Yugoslavia’s communist leader, Josip Broz (Tito), the Yugoslav union of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia began to disintegrate. Slovenia, whose citizens were primarily Roman Catholic, left the union without pains in January 1990. Croatia, home to Roman Catholic Croats and Eastern Orthodox Serbs, split from Yugoslavia after a battle with Serbia in 1990. Bosnian citizens (Muslims, Roman Catholic Croats and Eastern Orthodox Serbs) initially wanted to maintain their multi-ethnic state until propaganda from Croatia and Serbia created rifts between the different ethnic groups. A civil war ensued, pitting Croats with Bosnian Croats and Serbs with Bosnian Serbs against each other and against Bosnian Muslims (who still favored a multi-ethnic union). The bloody war ended when UN troops split Bosnia into a Bosnian Serb State and a Croat-Muslim Federation.
Although the Serbs under President Slobodan Milosevic dominated what was left of Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro, Vojvodina and Kosovo) and now commanded the Yugoslav Army, their ambition to create a “Greater Serbia” was frustrated by defeats in Croatia and Bosnia. Moreover, while the country was busy in the northwest fighting to keep the Balkan states incorporated, Albanians in the southern province of Kosovo were reeling over Milosevic’s 1989 decision to revoke Kosovar autonomy. Their 9-year campaign of resistance began with a declaration of independence (1991), boycotts of all official Serbian institutions and the creation of a parallel government under Ibrahim Rugova (1992). Some separatists angered by the heavy presence of Serbian garrison troops and dissatisfied with Rugova’s plan of passive resistance joined the guerrilla Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in its armed struggle for liberation.
Skirmishes between militant Kosovo separatists and Serbian officers escalated after Serbian police officers and border guards were killed in early 1998. The Serbians retaliated with a violent crackdown aimed at members of the KLA but victimizing 100s of Albanian men, women and children. The international community, outraged over the carnage and destruction by both Albanians and Serbs, repeatedly exhorted Milosevic to end the violence but fighting continued unabated until both sides agreed to attend peace talks at Rambouillet, France, in February 1999.
As part of the Rambouillet Peace Agreement, NATO representatives offered wide-ranging autonomy for Kosovo under the supervision of a 28,000-strong NATO-sponsored peacekeeping force. The Serbs accepted Kosovo autonomy but called the NATO presence a violation of Serbian sovereignty. Kosovo Albanians accepted autonomy, expecting independence to follow naturally, but stalled talks when the KLA refused to disband without recognition as Kosovo’s official police force. The negotiations didn’t take place.

Once international arbiters determined that all diplomatic options had been exhausted, NATO commenced bombing on March 24, 1999. In the course of the war, a million Albanians had been displaced, thousands more were slaughtered or tortured by Serbs, 5,000 Serbian troops had been killed and Kosovo’s infrastructure was devastated. NATO forces allegedly suffered no losses.
The combined effects of NATOs air assault, KLA ground attacks and diplomatic persuasion by Russia’s envoy, Chernomyrdin, ended the war on June 10th, 1999.


1. Historical Claims
In 1989, the 600th anniversary of the famous Battle of Kosovo, Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, won the affections of his countrymen when he declared Kosovo the cradle of Serbian civilization. The battle, which ended with the glorious defeat of Prince Lazar, a military hero who had chosen to die rather than surrender to the Ottoman Turks, became a symbol of Serbian steadfastness and the focal point of Serbian folklore. Cultural monuments and medieval churches scattered throughout the area demonstrate the rich cultural influence of Serbs forced out of the territory by Muslim invaders.
2. Abuse of Serbs
”No one should dare beat you” Milosevic cried in 1987 to a riotous crowd of Kosovo Serbs. He was called to the Yugoslav republic to listen to the grievances of countrymen complaining about the abuse they suffered at the hands of Muslim Albanians. By adopting the cause, Milosevic rose from relative obscurity and became the heroic protector of Serbian rights. Like Prince Lazar he stood up to Muslims who, it was claimed, had virtually wiped out the Serbian population in Kosovo through centuries of systematic intimidation, forced exile and property theft. Serbs feared that Albanians intended to incorporate the “cradle of Serbia” into a Greater Albania when the last Serb was finally expelled.
3. Kosovar insolence
The Serbs maintained that rebellious Albanian separatists erected an illegitimate “parallel government” in 1990 that diverted allegiance away from the central Yugoslav government and induced constituents to disregard state institutions. Albanians were instructed to boycott FRY elections, avoid paying Yugoslav taxes (although forced to pay the “parallel authorities” 3% of their income), abandon jobs in Serbian factories, mines, schools and hospitals and refuse to serve in the Yugoslav army. These same Albanians, however, continued to take advantage of the benefits given to them by the state and the system they did not recognize: health insurance, universal vaccination, employment in private and public sectors, and the use of over 100 cultural and artistic associations financed by the Republic of Serbia.
According to Serbian sources the unrecognized Kosovo government had created substandard Albanian-only schools and hospitals that discriminated against Serbians and produced “educationally handicapped” Albanian youth.
Milosevic believed furthermore, that it was the Kosovo politicians who were responsible for perpetuating a restless atmosphere by “rejecting every kind of dialogue and resisting attempts to normalize life in Kosovo.”
4. KLA terrorists
While Rugova’s government supervised political rebellion, militant separatists joined the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army and conducted a murderous campaign against the Serbian population. The assassination of 20 Serbian police in March 1998 was only the latest in a string of vicious attacks.
5. Narcotics
Serbian and International sources indicate that the Kosovo Liberation Army received much of its funding from drug proceeds. It was suggested that ethnic-Albanian Mafia organizations had been moving cocaine and heroine from the Middle East (possibly in collaboration with terrorist Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan) through Yugoslavia to Kosovar Albanians living in Europe. Some sources claim the cartel was responsible for more than 70% of the heroin entering Western Europe and up to 40% of the U.S. supply. The Serbian government argued they were attacking the KLA in order to defend their country from the powerful organized crime syndicates.


1. Historical Claims
While the Serbs might have played a prominent role in Kosovo in the 14th century, Albanians say their ancestors, the Illyrians, inhabited the area as far back as the 7th century, before the Turkish occupation. Kosovo, they claim, hadn’t had a Serbian majority since 1689 when 30,000 Christians fled. Modern Serbs voluntarily emigrated in droves from the poor backwoods of Kosovo to more prosperous Yugoslav cities.
2. Revocation of Kosovo’s self-rule
In order to minimize the power and influence of Yugoslavia’s ethnic Serbs in communist Yugoslavia, Josip Broz (Tito) divided the country into three parts, leaving Serbs in the northern sector of Vojvodina and southern Kosovo separated from the rest of their ethnic brethren in Serbia proper. In 1974, Tito granted Kosovo autonomy.
When Serbian chauvinist, Milosevic, was installed as Yugoslavia’s new president in 1989, he revoked Kosovo’s autonomy, closed schools in the Albanian language and massively dismissed Albanians from state-owned enterprises. Albanian objections were countered by Serbian security forces who killed dozens of protesters and arrested 1000s more for illegally engaging in nationalist activities. Years later, according to Albanians, the Serbs continued to oppress ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and deny them basic human rights.

3. Passive Resistance
Initially the ethnic majority responded to repression with peaceful and passive resistance. In the early 1990s the Kosovars elected a pacifist, Ibrahim Rugova, to lead a shadow Kosovo government and voted overwhelmingly for independence. The government helped reinstate Albanian-language schools and health care institutions employing Albanian doctors that had been dismissed from state-owned hospitals by Serb installed authorities.
4. KLA
But Belgrade was unmoved by Rugova’s diplomatic attempts to mediate Kosovo’s withdrawal from Yugoslavia. As frustrations grew, a few impatient Albanians organized into the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) in order to pressure Serbian authorities into granting Kosovo independence. The KLA, according to Kosovo pacifists the small guerilla force of 200 (in a province of 2 million) was an “irritant” that intimidated Serbian policemen but not a serious threat to Serbian control of the province.
5. Serbian Crackdown
In 1998 Kosovars were enraged when Serbian police brutally and unnecessarily avenged the Albanian population for a March skirmish between militant separatists and Serbian guards. Serbian police hunted down men they identified as KLA fighters, shot them in front of their families and carried on a reign of terror in the that drove 1,000s of Albanians out of their homeland.
Some ethnic-Albanians theorize that Serbian authorities had staged the police station attacks in order to give them the pretext to take action against KLA guerrillas and insubordinate Albanians.


1. Humanitarian concerns
After months of trying diplomatically to persuade Milosevic to end his campaign against Albanian separatists, NATO finally decided on March 24 1999 to begin an air campaign intensifying the existing Kosovo crisis. At the hands of Serbs (and Croats and Muslims for that matter) hundreds of thousands of people had been brutally murdered, tortured or forced to leave their homes during the wars in Croatia and Bosnia a few years earlier. The West refused to allow the same carnage to take place in Kosovo. Although both Albanians and Serbs were committing atrocities against men, women and children in Kosovo, the Serbs had the stronger Yugoslav army and Serbian police force at their disposal and a history of horrific activity in other parts of the Balkans.
By the time the first bomb fell on Kosovo, thousands of refugees had already flooded neighboring countries and 100s of Kosovars had been tortured and killed.

2. Spread of War
The international community feared the conflict would spread beyond Kosovo’s borders without foreign interference—in the worst case, pitting NATO nations against each other and igniting another world war (as had happened in 1918). Kosovo refugees were spilling into Macedonia unsettling the already delicate and volatile balance between ethnic Macedonians and Albanians. Montenegrans, (who vowed not to become involved in the conflict nor leave Yugoslavia) were questioning the war and the legitimacy of the Yugoslav government. Albania was at risk for supporting Kosovo separatists. And friction between ethnically Muslim Turkey and Christian Greece threatened to draw the two NATO countries into the conflict.
As it stands, the war dangerously deepened rifts between China, Russia and the Western world and aggravated mistrust of the West in other countries.
3. NATO prestige
A victory for Milosevic would have seriously undermined the power and authority of NATO and the US, especially after the weak international response to barbarity in Bosnia that left 200,000 people dead and more than a million displaced. A military presence in Kosovo would show the world that crimes against humanity would not go unpunished by the superpowers and that European nations could rely on the allied organization for protection. Beyond buttressing the bonds and authority of NATO, a victory in the Balkans would bolster the careers of politicians involved in a successful peace process.
4. Trade
Every international operation has a financial motive. And, although Albania was one of Europe’s poorest nations, the possibility that international support could help mold the territory into a free-market, democratic nation capable of participation in world economies was a consideration.

the dedicated this mod to all victums off the yugoslavian civil war


delete all @yugo @usyugo and @ac folders from ofp

download new mod 402 mb divided in 5 packages for easy download

unpack in your ofp directory

we advice you to use this skymod for good nvgoggles at night

missions found here

join maxim's server ip port 55555

screens from the game



THANKS, credits AND REGARDS (in no particular order)

cleanrock for his exellent cti scripts
Igor and Danko Cvejic
Dejan [Bkm] and Iva [BKM]
Iva (
W.M. Crielaard
LEOPARD2A6, based on SCARS original model (
Texturing: RASP
Model tweaking: RASP
LODs: Willem-Matthijs Crielaard
Config.cpp: RASP
MAG model and textures: Willem-Matthijs Crielaard
Track textures: Locke (MMP/BWMOD)
Scripting support: Coolhand and Baca85
Leopard engine sound: MekBat-Jim
Coding by Sander van Dorst
Skin by Sander van Dorst
Models for carrying systems by Sander van Dorst
Soldier models based on original BIS work, by Willem-Matthijs Crielaard
Special features by Willem-Matthijs Crielaard
Camouflaged faces by Frandsen (
Dagger and M1 helmet from I44 MLOD paratrooper
Textures for boots based on boot textures by BAS
Textures for clothing creases based on template textures by Mike Schell for Ghost Recon
( ... tm#wrinkle)
UN-Addon for Operation Flashpoint 1985*made by [N.A.T.E]-Marco-Polo & {B|o|G} {Boller}
RNLMC (Royal Netherlands' Marine Corps) / KMARNS (Korps Mariniers)
Coding by Sander van Dorst
Skin by Sander van Dorst
Models for carrying systems by Sander van Dorst
Soldier models based on original BIS work, by Willem-Matthijs Crielaard
Special features by Willem-Matthijs Crielaard
Camouflaged faces by Frandsen (
Dagger and M1 helmet from I44 MLOD paratrooper
Textures for boots based on boot textures by BAS
Textures for clothing creases based on template textures by Mike Schell for Ghost Recon
( ... tm#wrinkle)
Boeing AH-64D, based on Bohemia Interactive Studio’s original model
Leading developer: Marco polo IV
Leading artist: Marco polo IV
Desert AH texture: Inquisitor
Black AH texture: Helifreak
Fuel and tailrotor scripts: BigDawgKS
Other scripts: Ballistic Addon Studio and Decisive Killing Machines
All other content ©2005 by Marco polo IV
PC Foxhole by Philcommando 2 Dec 2004
v1.0 by Spark (alias $p@rK_N@p@lM)
M46 Fieldgun by DKM-Mod
Sebastian Müller, for the “BTR-T” addon
Igor and Danko cvejic
Russian OPFOR Vehicles (for OFP v. 1.85+)
Version: 1.3
By: Ballistic Addon Studios (
ORCS Development Studios 2006 "Operation Flashpoint"

- Fischkopp for original M1A1 model and textures in woodland/desert/od/winter sheme

- CBT for crew models and texture & different markers and textures

- ORCS Mod for ICP muzzleflash script

- Hyakushiki for Winter textures for the CBT crew

- Sebastian Mueller for his BTR-T hit effect script

- RHS/Mapfact/raedor for the smoke discharger script

- DKM/Rastavovich/BAS/RHS/raedor for generic fire effect script

- DKM/Rastavovich for Loader script

- raedor for Suspension script

- DKM/Rastavovich/raedor for tank accleration script

- Voyager[NO] for the decryption method

Community Soundpack 1.2 for JAM - Credits and Filenames for new sounds
Compiled and edited by Cornhelium with big thanks to the OFP Community. DISCLAIMER: These sounds are distributed solely for the enjoyment of Operation Flashpoint players and absolutely not for any profit or any kind of commercial venture.
Fire Sounds (in JAM_Sounds\sounds\)
Weapon/Magazine Sound filename Author

Mosin (JAM_E762_5mag) mosin.wss WWII Engineering Corps
Dragunov SVDFire.wss
Silenced Dragunov (JAM_E762_10SDmag) SVDSDFire.wss
Silenced Dragunov (JAM_E762_10SUBmag) M14FireSUB.wss Sound from BAS
M1911 M1911Fire.wss
M1911SD M1911FireSD.wss Inquisitor (Credit to original CS authors)
Mk23 Mk23Fire.wss Sounds from Pappy Boyington and Inquisitor (Credit to original CS authors)
Mk23SD Mk23FireSD.wss Sound from SJB Studios - thanks to Jackal
M9 M9Fire.wss
M9SD M9fireSD.wss Sound from Cheeky Monkey's Engagement Pack
Glock GlockFire.wss
GlockSD GlockFireSD.wss Sound from Cheeky Monkey's Engagement Pack
Tokarev TokarevFire.wss Sound by Goeth (Kylikki)
Makarov MakarovFire.wss
Silenced Makarov & Tokarev PistolSD.wss Sound from Cheeky Monkey's Engagement Pack
RPG7 RPG7Fire.wss Sound by BAS
M136 AT4 AT4Fire.wss FDF Mod
LAW LAWFire.wss Based on a recording by Uziyahu
LAW/AT4 Flying sound Lawfly.ogg JockoFlocko (Marine Assault pack)
Grenade Launchers/Buckshot
M203/M79 & Vests M203Fire.wss, M203_FireVest.wss Inquisitor (Credit to original CS authors)

GP30/GP25 & Vests GP30_Fire.wss, GP30_FireVest.wss Sounds from BAS and JockoFlocko (Marine Assault Pack)

Buckshot round (JAM_M576buck) Buckshot.wss
Pump action shotgun MKey_shot.wss Based on sounds by Inquisitor (With Credit to original CS authors)

- Earl;
- Suchey;
- King Homer;
- Inquisitor (special note: although I tried to contact him several times for the permission to use his M60 optics, I couldn’t get to him; so here’s his due credit for M60 optics);
- FN website;
- Ritual Software and Valve;
- Tactician;
- BIS for one hell of a game we still enjoy;

Voyager (for all the hard work whilst making patch file).
Killswitch (for doing bug hunting for me).
Messiah (for pointing out "Wrong Texture Aspect Ratio" bug).
King Homer (great knowledge on MP5 subject).
Models, textures, CPP: Sigma-6 (
Some components and textures by BIS
Additional coding and bugfixes: Powerslide (
New Sounds (other than those created by Sigma-6) are compiled from existing addons, including 'Dynamic Range', 'ZTZ98', and 'BWmod's Leopard 1 series'
Most Readme Blurbs are from
DKM - for excellent scripts & general help
DeadMoroz - for his great APC models
Jim & FDF MOD - for wonderful sounds
Suchey - for lovely Sobr soldier model (made rebel + spetznatz from his base model)
SniPro - for his very good animations
CCM MOD - for letting me use their PSO-1 optics
Silesian for excellent tracks textures
Edge - for excellent backpack textures
Christian Øelund - PKM and SVD models I’m use (it was a CS model, I just improve it a little, and tweak some textures)
Earl - for let me use his AK74/AK74GP in my pack.
Many guys from who provide me with information on real guns characteristics.

Sigma-6 - Modeling, Texturing
Soul_Assassin - Modeling, Texturing
raedor - Scripting, Coding
Kenji - Texturing, Scripting, Debugging
ShadowNX, Onn, Pavel, King Homer - testing and debugging

3rd party bits

AKM74, NSV machine gun (from VIT Apc Pack)
ORCS mod, tank muzzle flash (ORCS Effect Pack v 2.0)

Also great thnx to:

DKM for scripting inovations
CSLA Team and especially Maa for some modeling help
BIS - for making this excellent game and providing tools to make it even better
OFP Community - for inspiring me to make this pack and anyone else that I have failed to mention
Orion, scap, and other hotshots for testing all addons and long nights of testing.
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More about Total Yugo War

Postby Ignacio » Fri Sep 01, 2006 4:10 pm

Game properties at start
-random or fixed start position
-accelerated time (long days, short nights)
-random weather
-view distance limits 1200,1500,2000
-maximum group size limits 4,6,8,12
-start maney 50000 ,income in towns 1000 (orginal crCTI 400)
- total 24 structures and defences
- total 132 weapons types (both sides)
- total 174 units and vehicles (all sides)
-95% west and east infantry,vehicles,helis and planes replaced by new from addons pack (LSR,ICP,KMM,CBT,INQ,DKM,RKT,BKM,VIT,SIG...)
-all defaut ofp weapons replaced by totaly new (ICP,LSR,BKM,JAM,CR)
-manned aircrafts created in flight above air factory
-all helicopters and aircrafts have incoming missile warning system and drops automaticly flares(visual effect only)
-AI Commander build all available unit types in game include light armed recon vehicles,air recon and close air support aircrafts and helicopters...
-res vehicles and infantry in towns replaced by new (euro resistance ,sig tanks ,vit apc ...)
-new icp and lsr workers without equipment
-east units with same camuflage selected for regual and recon
-squad leaders regular soldiers - to eliminate unfair heal at leader (and ai bugy commands)
-start,respawn defaut wepons for player and ai replaced by icp and lsr ones
-added night gogles to defaut crCTI equipment loadout at respawn and in purchease menu

Install Info
delete all old @yugo @usyugo and @ac folders from ofp (if previously installed)
download new mod @yugototalwar 402 mb divided in 5 packages for easy download
unpack in your ofp directory
we advice you to use this skymod for good nvgoggles at night link --> modulsky

Important note: All addons orginal files in pack are not modificated and exist in ofp editor at its defaut location dir.
Some are optimazed for better multiplayer preformance by creation of seperate classname unit type based on orginal addon.
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Postby rundll.exe » Fri Sep 01, 2006 5:25 pm

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new configuration file for totalyugowar

Postby Ignacio » Mon Sep 04, 2006 3:47 pm

here is available new config file for totalyugowar


-all west/east vehicles have scaner/radar limits set to same value

-all air units have same armor (exept ch47d,mi17 and an-72 bit stronger)

-all new pictures used in mission and bulding menus are in new addon
config file ,mission file is smaller (-100kb)

-all vehicles used in game addons have reduced to minimum check loops of user actions,effects or events = hopefully will be less laggy,and risk of crush will be reduced to minimum

-smoke screen menus(leopard2...),afterburner(f16,mig29...),EnablePropeller(mi2) ... and other user actions loops remove for better preformance on client and server pc's

-some new pictures added (more in next config)

-all units have fuel capability reduced to yugo standard from previous versions (arcrafts have same as helicopters-no afterbuner no need for more)

-afterburner removed (was on some aircrafts) - fast moving aircraft can couse server crush, sound of f16 afterburner in multiplayer game was buggy and not nice to hear

- an-72 addon para drop script replaced with cr eject cargo

-engine sound reduced inside all close vehicles - more pleasant for ears

-some new tanks (t80's) armor values optimized to yugo standards

please post here any discovered bugs or sugestions, yugo addons pack is still in development
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Re: new configuration file for totalyugowar

Postby Ignacio » Tue Sep 05, 2006 4:17 am

so far there is only 1 missions on OFland designed to test new config file
all other missions doesn't need it.

latest changes for config ver from 5.09.2006 :
- some helicopters use set of weapons created by addons and not by missions script
- 2 versions of mi-2 (tug ,armed)
- mi28 old flares (as a weapon) removed
- f16 cas have orginaly 4 Maveriks missiles
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Re: new configuration file for totalyugowar

Postby Ignacio » Sat Sep 09, 2006 10:43 pm

latest news about totalyugowar config progress

main big change to config in last few days is creation of 3 sets of all vehicles(ground,sea and air) in game.
each group of vehicles available in ofp editor with special scaners,radars limit proportional to true view distance designed for set (800m , 1000m or 1335m)

standard VD know from start properities (1200 = true 800m , 1500 = true 1000m ,2000 = true 1335m) replaced by exactly true view limit in game (when object or vehicle start to emarge from fog and is visible)

all this takes effect only in missions specialy designed based on configuration file

How it works ?
After selection of true view distance at start of game special set of vehicles is loaded by mission init scripts ,(max flight altidute is diffrend for each true view distance loaded)
So in game with view distance seleted to 800 for example all units scaners have limit of 800 and can not fire or lock targets beyound that range. No vehicle in game will open fire on other vehicle if it doesnt see it and vice versa.

Finnaly there shoud be no more situations that we get hit by something from behind fog that we cant see.

other changes in new config:
-aa missiles added to many helicopter and aircrafts variants
-more heavy mg ammo for east tanks (tanks will open fire on air units)
-resitance tanks used in game are included in config and have standard yugo limits
-all total yugo vehicles available in ofp editor in 3 diffrend directorys(vd=1200,1500 and 2000)
-all old ofp mg's in vehicles and static defences replaced by new ones from addon pack
-new static aa 23mm guns defence added with 2 versions with or witout aa missiles launcher(stingers/iglas)
-ural 375 with tent and open(known from older ver of yugo) fixed in config and added to totalyugowar vehicles list
-UN helicopter with all limit fixes aded to all 3 sets

Here is list of all vehicles available in game:

HMMWV (open)
HMMWV (cargo6)
HMMWV Support
5t Truck
Fuel 5t Truck
Mercedes 290GD
-UN- Ural Truck
Patrol Boat (tug)
Zubr (tug)
Patrol Ship (tug)
Fast Attack Ship

Support M113A2
-UN- M2A2 Bradley(AT)
-UN- M6 Linebacker(AA)
-UN- Vulcan
M3A2 Bradley(AT)
Leopard 2A6
Chalenger 2GU
Merkava 4
M6 Linebacker(AA)
M1A1 Art

-UN- OH-58 (12.7mm)
-UN- UH60 MG (Tug)
-UN- UH60 (38FFAR)
-UN- CH47D MG (Tug)
OH-58D (2AA/12.7mm)
OH-58D (2AT/12.7mm)
OH-58D (14FFAR)
UH60 MG (Tug)
UH60 (38FFAR)
CH47D MG (Tug)
AH1 (8AT/38FFAR/30mm)
AH64D (6AIM9/30mm)
AH64D (12Stingers/30mm)
AH64D (16AT/4AA/30mm)
AH64D (8AT/38FFAR/4AA/30mm)
AH64D (75FFAR/30mm)
F16 CAS (4AT,2AA)
F16 Strike (2GBU10,2AA)
F16 SEAD (4MK20,2AR,4AA)
A10 (8AT/30mm)
A10 (8LGB/30mm)

BTR 80
Ural-375 (Open)
Ural-375 (Tent)
Support Ural
Fuel Ural
Patrol Boat (tug)
Zubr (tug)
Patrol Ship (tug)
Fast Attack Ship

Support BMP
T72BC Kontakt/ERA
SA-11 Gadfly
T80 Art

Mi-2R (tug)
Mi2URP (4AT)
Mi2URN (32RKT)
Mi17 (tug)
Mi17 (tug/4KAB500)
Mi17 (tug/192Roc)
An-72 Coaler
Ka-50 (12AT/2AA/40R/30mm)
Ka-50 (4KAB/2AA/30mm)
Mi24 (8AT/64R/30mm)
Mi28 (16AA/30mm)
Mi28 (40R/23mm/30mm)
Mi28 (8AT/8AA/30mm)
Mi28 (16AT/30mm)
Mig29 (6KabL/2AA/30mm)
Mig31 (12AA/30mm)
Mig29 (8AA/30mm)
Su25 (6AT/64R/2AA/30mm)

config file download direct link

latest missions designed for 9.09 config test links: ... 0pack1.rar
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crcti_1.0rc_@totalyugowar cfg909 missions pack 1

Postby Ignacio » Sun Sep 10, 2006 10:45 pm

New missions available totalyugowar addons pack , config 909 and islands required
Everon , Central Everon

pack direct download link: ... 0pack1.rar
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Postby Kusi » Tue Sep 12, 2006 7:41 pm


where can i get the Islands:Lipovac
Gregoriov ?
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added ofp fixes to my server

Postby M.A.X.I.M » Tue Sep 26, 2006 7:14 am

added ofp fixes for better yugo game play to my server
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