Migel: Happy Birthday Warhound :D ::: opftafel007: xr dead? sad to see ::: NSL: HC client need a battleye update ::: ZeroG: http://dfiles.eu/files/h879xv2dp Achtung, Leerzeichen lschen! Viel Spass! ::: Lotus: Hat jemand einen funktionierenden Downloadlink fr Warfare Benny Edition 2.067 ZGMv6? Mchte diese gerne mal wieder zocken. :-) :::
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20-07-2013 1:40
Happy Birthday Warhound :D
15-07-2013 22:44
xr dead? sad to see
8-05-2013 18:10
HC client need a battleye update
5-05-2013 14:04
http://dfiles.eu/fil es/h879xv2dp Achtung, Leerzeichen lschen! Viel Spass!
5-05-2013 4:40
Hat jemand einen funktionierenden Downloadlink fr Warfare Benny Edition 2.067 ZGMv6? Mchte diese gerne mal wieder zocken. :-)

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Forum registration closed
As you might have noticed, Hotshots is as good as non-existent for a while now, and we can't keep up with the spambots. Therefore the shoutbox has been disabled, and no new registrations are possible on the forums. I'll try to keep this website up as long as I can, to keep links alive and for old-times-sake browsing. It was a good time, but all of those come to an end. Goodbye.
rundll.exe, 25 Mar 2014 22:24
Welcome, new members!
As of today, SLIM, ATMO and REDRAPTOR are full members of HOTSHOTS! Welcome aboard, you guys!
ZeroG, 17 Mar 2012 19:19
Movement in the memberlist
Over the last few weeks there has been some changes in our memberlist.

First of all, Ghost, KAIMAN and ChallNGR decided to leave us for various reasons. We wish them all the best in their coming (gaming)-career!

However, we got some fresh recruits to fill the gap (maybe): Gunny, tradesman (aka Akula) and Ange1 are on their two month trial.  Welcome!
rundll.exe, 20 Sep 2010 23:08
Friendly warfare rematch vs UTF
On Sunday, 29th August 2010, there was the friendly rematch vs UTF. A short summary of the events:

We began at around 1920 CET...UTF this time only had little LP support and was able to bring more clan members...This time no server issues

HS was BLUFOR an started in the north of RASMAN. With awesome speed, all upper towns were taken. Benny spotted some static defenses in the south, we got excited....but it was only an outpost...

First contact with UTF was around MULLADOST and TIMURKALAY, where HS dominated. The enemy then was constantly driven back to the south, so that HS found themselves around LOY MANARA just around 2000 CET, which was incredibly fast! Shortly after that, Blitzer and Scorp destroyed their first base in the south. Game was not over though. The team kept on sweeping and taking town by town in a way that, all of a sudden, only RASMAN was left Resistance.

In about the same time, heavy fighting in the area of ZAVARAK erupted. The reason: apparently UTF had redeployed their new base less than 1km close to our first base without knowing it!!!! After that, a fierce firefight broke out: either way THEM or US. In the course of the battle, several buildings got destroyed but MHQ got not down.  Finally, after some time, the UTF commander tried to escape with MHQ but drove too far out of the map area and MHQ got destroyed.

HS WON by destruction (although town win also was close)

Again: 3 points for HS, making it 6 in total

Thank you, UTF (and LP support elements), we had great fun in these 2 matches!
ZeroG, 31 Aug 2010 19:45
Friendly warfare match vs UTF
Last weekend (22 aug) we played a friendly match versus UTF. A brief report of the match by Blitzer:

Started on Sulcorp server but due to lag we moved to another Sulcorp server.

Of we went.
In first town our ambulance got destoyed in seconds.
This made our start very slow.

Although our slow start we manage to get a good number of towns, thnx to Benny fusion and tradesman in the south.
Scorp and zero found fisrt enemy base and destoyed it.
After some heavy resistance in Gamarud they managed to found other base.
Ente showed nice affort in pushing them back at gamarud togheter with Clause, Blitzer, Messen and Tradesman.
Soon after their second base was found their HQ was destroyed very soon.

HS won with destruction!
3 points for HS

Cya next week for next round.
rundll.exe, 29 Aug 2010 21:05
New Members
We want to welcome 5 new members to the sexiest squad in existence! The lucky guys and girl are:

Jaenus (aka SpinDoctors)

We hope you have a nice stay, and be active in Hotshots for the rest of your lives!

We are aware that a few previous new members didn't get a warm welcome like this, due a bit lack of administration. But this message is also for you guys!
rundll.exe, 6 Jan 2010 20:14
First ArmA 2 Warfare friendly match won!
Today we won a friendly match in warfare versus TAGMA squad.

At begining they quickly killed one of our barracks, bit later on they almost found our LF at coast.

Benny found their base on a hill and Blitzer found spawn base just few minutes later.

main base was destroyed quickly by firing team that spawned to HQ.
After that spawn base was destroyed just few minutes later.

overal town taking went pretty slow, but they also had hard time capping towns.

Total duration of game 1:58

next week we got rematch and than we play east on North spawn. Time for some more training!

The mission was played on a new island and a new mission. The island was Sbrodj (v 1.3) by Old Bear  and a modified Warfare BE mission to suit the match
rundll.exe, 15 Nov 2009 17:25


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